Levelling Leo Guide

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Levelling Leo Guide

Post by ChiefOluk on Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:44 am

I heard a rumor that you can easily level Leo by forcing a draw on every round of combat.  (/r/pathofexile/comments/4b3q1c/shows_how_much_ggg_care_about_leo/)
I made an optimal build for it:


Bare minimum:
Ezomyte Peak

Highly recommended:
Nomic's Storm

Reaper's Pursuit (Use belt/rings/gloves to get +60 strength)
The Peregrine (RP gives "hit's can't be evaded")
Warped Timepiece (12% move speed) or Karui Ward (10% move speed and 20-30 strength)
You can swap 4 points on the right ("Fangs of the Viper) for 3 points near witch ("Nimbleness") and an Assassin's Haste for +3% movespeed total

Strength uniques: Hrimsorrow (gloves, 20-30 str), Meginord's Girdle (belt, 50-60 str), Kaom's Sign (ring, 10-20 str)
+Str magic/rare gear can be good enough.
5x ample/chemist's/alchemist's quicksilver of adrenaline


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